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How It Works

1) Create Wishlist

Register/Sign in to our website. Choose toys from the online catalog and create/add to your toys wishlist

2) Plan Delivery

- You may select any number of toys to create a wishlist. Request you to ensure to select toys that meet at least the minimum rental amount per delivery.

- Confirm the toy delivery date and time. Toys will be home delivered.

3) Receive Toys

- You will receive clean and sanitized toys from your wish list.

- Rental amount will be managed from the membership fees as per the plan selected.

- COD (Cash on Delivery) option is available for one time delivery membership plan.

- Request customers to check and confirm that the toys they are receiving are in good working condition. If not, the delivery team will be glad to assist you with their services.

4) Enjoy Toys

See your child playing and enjoying the toys till they are replaced with new set of toys from your wishlist as per the delivery and return cycle.

5) Replace Toys

The delivery team will pick the toys previously delivered and deliver the new set of toys from your wish list.

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