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The world's best-selling book on mind-blowing feats and wonders in Guinness World Records 2016 - the global authority on record-breaking. The book is bursting with thousands of amazing new records, never-before-seen images and mind-boggling trivia. It has all your favorite records for talented pets, superhuman achievements, big stuff and extreme vehicles, you'll find show-stopping superlatives from brand-new categories. Topics making their GWR debut include waterfalls, twins, ballooning, apps, lightning, manga, archaeology, drones, pirates and much more!

Inspiring to unlock the potentials and identify self worth and motivate to achieve peaks in life. This book is well known globally and has so many world records story well explained and appreciated.

Age Range4-6 Years, 6-8 Years, 8-10 Years
Kid IntelligenceBody Smart, Logic Smart, Music Smart, Nature Smart, People Smart, Picture Smart, Self Smart, Word Smart
Product TypeBooks, Educational
Rental 40.00 AED
Cost 200.00 AED

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